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Neal Adams Batman Omnibus – Tell your Store Now!‏

Neal Adams' - Batman Run Forward - Print
Neal Adams Batman Omnibus – Tell your Store Now!‏ | by | September 17, 2015
Just want to remind everyone that the "Batman By Neal Adams Omnibus Hard Cover" is being solicited by Diamond now ! It is not to late to order your Neal…

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Blood – promo 03

Neal Adams - Blood - Splatter Logo
Blood – promo 03 | by | September 15, 2015 BLOOD After a vicious battle, Lionel, who is Jorge Maslow’s only true friend, reveals the beginning of the secret history of Blood and his alien compatriots. These aliens are…

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Neal Adams and Blacksad?

Dark Horse Presents: Blacksad Amarillo
Neal Adams and Blacksad? | by | September 9, 2015
Blacksad: Amarillo was translated by, of all people, Neal Adams, a pretty darn famous comic book artist and writer. He actually begged to do the translation. For free if necessary,…

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Neal Adams - Batman vs Ras Al Ghul
ALL THIS PAINTING!!!!!! | by | September 4, 2015
HEY WHATS GOING ON WITH ALL THIS PAINTING!!!!!!   Neal has been painting at Comic Conventions as of late. He is really enjoying himself and people at the conventions seem…

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Blood – the Motion Comic

Neal Adams - Blood - Motion Comic
Blood – the Motion Comic | by | September 3, 2015 Here is a section of “Blood – the Motion Comic”, based on the upcoming Dark Horse Graphic Novel by Neal Adams. Neal and Continuity are trying to make motion…

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