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My first memory of working with my dad is on Ben Casey. You might be asking yourself how a three-year-old girl could work on a comic strip? Well, I happened to have had the most important job: to take the sticky pink strips and coat the Polaroid’s. Okay, let me back up a minute. Dad would wait for the scripts to come in the mail, and then he would figure out how he wanted to draw them. After, we would do a photo shoot of each panel. My dad would be all the men, my mom would be all the women, and sometimes, if the story had a kid in it, I could play the kid. Most of the time I would just butt into all the shots. When the Polaroid’s came out, I had, what I considered, the most important job on the crew: I got to pull the stinky, pink, wet, gooey-stick out of the little black-container with the little white button-top. Then I’d coat the photos, all the while getting stuck to the newspaper underneath them. I thought this was the best job in the world, and of course the most important. Then dad would take the photos that we’d shot all night, and stuck them into the art-a-graph machine. Then he’d trace down the information onto the paper below, and pencil, letter and ink all through the week. Finally, they’d get run to the post office on 34th street, in the middle of the night, and off they would go to the Syndicate in Cleveland, Ohio.

I decided to start my blog off with this story because this page will document my life representing Neal Adams and Continuity Studios. I will let you in on the past, with art and photos, as well as the present and future of Continuity. I’ll be posting Ben Casey dailies, as well as some of those Polaroid’s I talked about above. I’ll try to do the whole run if I can. Also I’ll be gathering stories and photos for a nice tabletop edition of Ben Casey. This is where I need your help. I am looking to get scans of my dads work, so I’d love if you guys could send us scans at 300DPI, or a good Xerox-copy would be great too. We’ll put a special thanks to you in the book, under the strip, or Sunday, that you send.

The other point to this blog is to show fans a more personal side to my favorite creatives. This ranges from information on their current projects, to a hopefully growing recipe box of their favorite foods. I decided to start with my dad’s Rice Krispie Treats because we made such a fuss in the “Behind the Scenes” of the Astonishing Xmen (which I’ve attached to my page as well). It looks like a great weekend for Krispie Treats.

I hope you’ll enjoy my silly little world. My next update should have some interesting news on “Batman Odyssey”. Till next week, this is “Krispie’s” World.

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