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Penciling Batman 12

Penciling Batman 12 | by | December 24, 2010
Penciling Batman# 12 As usual, things are NOT what they seem. I don't know how he does it but Batman somehow keeps ahead of everyone, physically and mentally. I keep…

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BLOOD | by | December 21, 2010
BLOOD is coming. There will be an 8 page preview. Well, hmmm, preview..? It's pretty nasty and in sequence for a Preview. We'll call it a teaser. Blood is a…

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Guardian Project & Batman

Guardian Project & Batman | by | December 16, 2010
Okay, you're right. But... I've been busy."Doing what?" you say.heh heh.Thirty covers of thirty new characters which represent all thirty teams of the National Hockey League. Is that cool or…

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Kris’s Worlds One Year Aniversary

Kris’s Worlds One Year Aniversary | by | November 19, 2010
I thought it was appropriate to party with the one and only party man himself Joker....... I can't believe I started this a year ago. I sure have had a…

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Everything we are taking to NY Comic con

Everything we are taking to NY Comic con | by | October 2, 2010
Well, I did promise that I would list and show almost everything that we will have at our Booth at comic con. (We are booth #2164) So I made a…

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