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My First Blog

My First Blog | by | July 1, 2010
This is my first BLOG. I’ll try not to be too wordy, but there’s a lot to talk about. I’ll do bits and pieces.1. The “OIL SPILL”.(Oh, horrors. Not comics,…Sorry,…

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Batman to Superman ?

Batman to Superman ? | by | June 18, 2010
This week we have been knee high in supervising color for the Superman Vs Muhammad Ali reprint. It is looking fantastic. We are not going overboard with new color. We…

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What will I get Neal to do next …… ?

What will I get Neal to do next …… ? | by | June 11, 2010
We have had a lot going on at Continuity these days , it feels like we have a lot of comic plates spinning so lets review.Batman Odyssey #1 Has been…

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Big Bat Week !

Big Bat Week ! | by | June 4, 2010
I thought last week was a big Bat Week. This week I got to see the most fantastic coloring I have seen Continuity do. I am so excited that I…

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I feel like a fly on the wall this week!

I feel like a fly on the wall this week! | by | May 28, 2010
This week has been the biggest Bat week at Continuity yet!!! We have completed Issue#1 and it is "IN"! The inking and coloring looks great ! I have posted some…

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