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Big Bat Week !

Big Bat Week ! | by | June 4, 2010
I thought last week was a big Bat Week. This week I got to see the most fantastic coloring I have seen Continuity do. I am so excited that I…

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I feel like a fly on the wall this week!

I feel like a fly on the wall this week! | by | May 28, 2010
This week has been the biggest Bat week at Continuity yet!!! We have completed Issue#1 and it is "IN"! The inking and coloring looks great ! I have posted some…

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Big Big Big Week !

Big Big Big Week ! | by | May 21, 2010
Hi Everyone, This week we are making the big announcement that Neal will be appearing in Long Beach California at a Science Convention. He is one of the guest speakers…

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Batman Odyssey #1

Batman Odyssey #1 | by | May 7, 2010
Batman Odyssey #1, make sure your retailer is going to have a copy for you..I posted the cover of Odyssey #1 which is also on Previews this month and I…

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Best Neal Adams Summer Ever !!!

Best Neal Adams Summer Ever !!! | by | April 16, 2010
If you are a true Neal Adams fan, this is the summer for you! We have a fantastic book coming out from Vanguard. I have enclosed below some of the…

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