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Week Three of Kris’s World

Week Three of Kris’s World | by | December 4, 2009
Week three of Kris’s worldThis week was a very big week for Neal Adams and Comics.We handed in another 10 pages of “Batman Odyssey” this week. Yay !! We’ve asked…

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Week two of Kris’s world

Week two of Kris’s world | by | November 21, 2009
Hope everyone enjoyed my dads Rice Krispie treats. This week we take on an old Adams tradition, our famous Thanksgiving stuffing. We, the Adams family, have fed many a-starving artist,…

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| by | November 13, 2009
Welcome to Kris’s world, My first memory of working with my dad is on Ben Casey. You might be asking yourself how a three-year-old girl could work on a comic…

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