Week Three of Kris’s World

Week three of Kris’s world

This week was a very big week for Neal Adams and Comics.

We handed in another 10 pages of “Batman Odyssey” this week. Yay !! We’ve asked DC to start Scott Williams on some of the inking. Neal’s dug in and started inking pages, and we’re pushing to get a summer release for the project. Neal’s also adding new designs to old characters and bringing back all the characters that you love, that Neal’s done. Check out “Neal’s Notes on the “News” page of our site.

We also signed a new agreement this week with DC to re-release “Superman Vs Muhammad Ali”. I’m sure DC will be following with a big announcement on how the Giant Battle of the Century will be re-formatted.

Marvel’s put out the “Behind The Scenes” of “Astonishing X-men” with Neal and John Cassaday. An inside look as to how the two worked together, and solved turning a comic book into animation. Please find the movie below. Also, on that note, this coming week-Weds, the 4th issue of the Motion Comic comes out and this one’s my favorite out of all of them. It’s very dramatic. I can’t wait till it’s out to talk more about it. So please look for it on Itunes this coming Wednesday, December 9th. Just type in “Astonishing X-men” into Itunes.

I also want to remind anyone who might have good copies of Ben Casey dailies, or Sunday,’s to please get in touch with me at Continuity. My number is 212-869-4170. I am just looking for copies to fill in were I may not have a good one. As you can see I have days where the strip doesn’t look good at all.. Some people, like Walt Simonson and Lou Manna, have already been nice enough to send in copies that they had. Thank you both.

And last, but not least, we have a very big surprise next week because Neal may be doing Ben Casey again. That’s right, you heard it from me first. I promise a brand new Ben Casey in a strip.

Till next week.

PS Check out the new art we have for sale in the “store” site.

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