Week two of Kris’s world

Hope everyone enjoyed my dads Rice Krispie treats. This week we take on an old Adams tradition, our famous Thanksgiving stuffing. We, the Adams family, have fed many a-starving artist, now famous creatives, over the years and each one of them will say Adams’s make the best stuffing. So check it out my Mom’s famous recipe.

I did promise last week I would have news on the “Batman Odyssey” project. I am proud to say that DC Comics now has 100 pages penciled by Neal Adams, and we’re working on schedule. Scott Williams also received the chapter that he’ll be inking, and we’re all excited that he’ll be working on this project with us. I’ll post some of the pencils next week.

We’re handing in our 6th and final issue of Astonishing Xmen the Motion Comic for sound and music to be added. Then it’ll come back to us for a final picture lock after Thanksgiving. It’ll feel strange not to have Astonishing Xmen up on all the computer-screens next week. Guess I’ll have to find another exciting project for us to take on.

Now the past;

As you can see this is one of the Ben Casey strips I can’t print, as it’s to bad of a quality, which is why I’m looking for help to put this project together. I’m hoping that if anyone who might have copies or originals could make good copies. I could then put out the Neal Adams Ben Casey Book. I didn’t change the strip this week because of how bad the copies we have are. If you have an original or copy please get in touch with me by email at krisstone@mac.com or you can call me at Continuity 212-869-4170 and ask for Kris.

I guess that’s the highlights for this week. Everyone have a great Thanksgiving.

Try the stuffing. I know I will.

Till next week this is Kris’s World.

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