Batman Odyssey #4 leaves for the printer !

I am very excited about Batman Odyssey this week . We finished the color on Issue#4 and it

looks great.We are now inking Odyssey #5. We handed in Page 20 in pencil on Batman Issue #11. It is definitely moving along. I am hoping Batman Odyssey #4 is out in time for the New York Comic con that we will be attending. We will be selling the new “Art of Neal Adams from Vanguard, The Batman Odyssey #3 cover T-shirt from Graphitti Design. All of the “Neal Adams Batman Illustrated” books from DC , “The 4 Adams” book , all of Neal’s sketchbooks, Original art and so much more.
Now I want to discuss what I have put up in art this week.
The piece on the top of my site is a piece from Batman Odyssey #4. The piece that is still being
inked to the right is from Batman Odyssey #5 and the pencil spread below is from Batman Odyssey #6. I feel like the story is really moving along. Every time I read the books I notice another piece of story, so make sure you go back and read the first couple of issues and you’ll see what I mean. It’s starting to really come together. Neal has left many clues that I think you have to be patient about. Why does Neal keep going back every issue to Bruce Wayne? It’s not something that Neal does??? Who is Bruce Wayne talking to?
I will be updating again on Tuesday. I will be making a list of what we are doing at the comic con as well as showing some sneak peaks of art that Neal is doing for a Gallery show.I might just have some video of Neal painting.
Stay Tuned

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