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We have gone live today with our new site which has new articles, blogs and videos . If you hit our News Button you will see on The Daily Growing Planet we have listed our favs for comics, books, video games
and movie trailers. You have to check out Ghost Recon in gaming. “I think it looks great and can’t wait to pick up my copy.”

Marvel has made the big announcement for Neal’s and Christos Gage’s First Xmen project. Obviously I am very excited to see what Neal Adams is going to do with Wolverine. I do believe till one of you tell me, that this is the first time Neal is drawing a Wolverine story.

Batman Odyssey has come to an end. I hope you picked up the last issue #13 with Batman doing something he has never done before. Which I have shown the sequence on this page. CRAZY!!!!!!

Our projects button will have the super projects that Continuity Studios has been working on, some which will be comics, some which will be videos, I have put up one of our latest CGI projects for Dannon. We are currently working on Dannon Danimals. This has been a lot of fun.

You have to check out Neal’s Convention schedule. We keep adding conventions on to it all the time and we update as we sign into these conventions. Neal is really doing a lot of them this year sine he has Batman Odyssey out and the new First Xmen coming out in August as well as Blood which appears in Dark Horse Presents.  He has also done a variant cover for Valiant comics for Archer & Armstrong which once I get an OK to show, I will post it up on Kris’s World.

Neal has also added a Science Blog which you can see by hitting our Science Button. So if you have any questions or would like to see his videos on his Science Theory you have to check this out. You can now discuss science with Neal on the Blog. EUREKA!

The Comics Button right now has Ben Casey. We will be adding a strip everyday so that you can keep up with the Doc through his exciting adventures into the world of medicine and drama. We will be adding other Continuity characters as well. Just tell which ones you would want to see again.

Hope you guys like our new updated site.

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  2. Hi, Kris: Congrats on the new look! It´s great! Regarding the Ben Casey strip I would love to see: The first sunday strip! Not only for the fact that it was printed in color but because it was printed on the sunday I was born and which probably contributed to the fact that I may be your dad´s biggest fan in Mexico!

  3. We will be getting Ben Casey running correctly this coming Monday. And I am very happy you are my dad's biggest fan. Thank you for your interest . I always loved Ben Casey so I am thrilled that we will be running them again.


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