Going to the New York Comic Con

No Big Apple show for me. All of our focus is on the New York Comic Con. Seems like the Big Apple show has gone back to the Penta Hotel, or the Pennsylvania Hotel, aka “the Pennsylvania 65000.” The big convention that was on the pier, which seemed like a big success to me, just didn’t washout. So it’s back to the Penta, where the focus seems to be on Hollywood and not so much comics. They’re having actors downstairs and fewer dealers upstairs. I don’t exactly know what the plan is, but the very next weekend is the New NY Comic-con. So, that’s where were going to be with bells on.

This year the Comic Con’s taking over the Javits Center 100%. Pre-tickets sales have more then doubled, but there’s a whole lot more room, and the focus is on comic books. Word to the wise: if you have extra money in the bank, and you don’t want to spend it all, hide it! You will be tempted to spend it, as there will be entertainment, and my newly published, The Art of Neal Adams book. Orders have been good and people seem to love it. They love it because of the design (the arts okay, but the design is killer!). It’s not an artsy-fartsy book, but rather it’s jammed full of wonderful images from cover to cover, and I say that in spite of it being my own stuff. My son, Jason, designed it and his marching orders were to make it fun. And boy is it fun. You can’t put this thing down. However, if that doesn’t strike your fancy we’ll also have the new Savage #2 sketchbook at the table as well.

Now here’s a new one: we won’t be selling just any copy of my Batman Odyssey…well be selling Issue#1, with an exclusive Batman sketch on the cover, in silver pen, and an autograph for $50.00! This started at Dragon Con, in Atlanta, when we had a few copies left and someone requested it. We’re making sure to bring as many extra copies as possible for the NY Comic-con, so be sure to check it out.

So, in conclusion: #1. Spend your money wisely. #2. Make sure you have it all with you by the time you get to our booth. And #3. Please have an amazing time at the NY Comic Con, at the Javits, October 8th-10th.


Oh, and one more thing, I’ll be doing sketches!

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  1. Since I will not be attending,Will you be doing any signings in the NY aria?I have several cooies of Odyssey I would love to have signed.

  2. Just remember $5/item

  3. I wish you would stop being so negative.Enough is enough.It is my $5.00!!!!!!!!

  4. Nice to see that you are doing a blog. I've recently started my own blog and my most recent posting is about your return to DC and Batman.
    It would be great if you could swing by and see it. The title is: "Neal Adams HE'S BACK!!!" Hope you enjoy it.

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