Kris’s World “Big Fight”

I hope everyone is having a great Holiday week.

DC Comics announced the reprinting and reformatting of the Greatest fight ever “Superman Vs Muhammad Ali” I’m very excited about this. This was the first job I worked on when I started working at Continuity. I got to do the zip-a-tone work. DC is doing two formats, one is a deluxe hardcover featuring an expanded sketch section and additional content (that I am digging through the vault for ) layouts and sketches. Neal will also be doing a new cover for this. As soon as we figure out the new cover I will show it on Kris’s World. The second edition is in its original big trim size with the original cover. Continuity will be overseeing the re-color of this magnificent work.

Astonishing Xmen # 5 is also now on sale through Itunes. This is one of Continuity’s favorite episodes. The acting in the animation is really great.

Batman “Odyssey” We handed in another 5 pages of pencils, which brings our page count to 125 pages and one more issue to go.

Please visit our Store. Jason has a great sale going on which ends on January 4th. I just don’t want you to miss it.

I see some Time Jumping in my future….. Happy New Year.

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