Swimmin with the newly designed Aquaman

How lucky am I to be able to swim this week with Neal’s latest design of Aquaman. Neal has made him more handsome and definitely more super heroic. He’s broad, manly and has long blonde hair. I will be showing more inked pieces from this series in the following weeks. Neal has been busy writing the next part of the Batman Odyssey, which we refer to as the “Underworld” . Our page count is still holding at 125 penciled pages since Neal has moved into the writing chore of the job. Rumor is it is in the process of being scheduled for a June 2010 release. I will keep you updated on this as well.

Superman Vs Ali has been sent to Moose Baumann for the coloring chores this week. Neal will be designing a new cover for the regular edition that DC will be putting out.DC is also looking for if anyone might own the last spread of the Superman Vs Ali Story. They are missing the film work for the Superman side of the handshake. Please Give us a call at 212-869-4170 if you might own it and we could possibly get a good scan from the original.

Commercially we have been working on Lyrica print. Scott’s Grass and “Guess Who” A really fun game from Milton Bradley.

Have a Great 3 Day weekend and please check in with us next week.


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  1. Hi, I saw that spread at the NYCC in 2008, the booth was not far from the Main entrance, not much help I know but if you can get a floor plan of the show for that year you can start calling around.


    ps -Tell Neal I said hi, I was chatting with him at the Continuity booth when he got the call that his newest granddqaughter had just been born! Obviously I won't forget that encounter!

  2. The final DPS was sold by david safier. Maybe he can point where it went:

    This is a pic of the DPS:

  3. Very excited about Odyssey — you mentioned Neal is now writing as well, does that mean Frank Miller is no longer involved?

    Thanks for the updates!


  4. Kris,

    The comic was published by Editorial Novaro, a mexican company which distributed the book along Latinoamerica and Spain. Unfortunately closed its doors by 1980, but maybe at DC someone knows how to contact the former owner, and learn about the location of the files…


  5. This is the DPS you're looking for published by Novaro:


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