What is Kris’ World?

Kris’ World is about reping or agenting Neal Adams and working at Continuity and being a member of the Adams Family.  Ha, ha, Yep I was the kid in school that people would humm the theme song and then snap the fingers. Yep that was always funny?
So here we go. What happened this week?

Continuity has been working on a project “Shushybye” which is three children’s ebooks. We have done 3D models and set them into 2D drawn backgrounds. This is a GREAT project for Continuity because it is aimed for a young audience to enjoy before going to sleep. Here is a link to some of the models we did that are part of the ebook. http://youtu.be/lYFAXKKTbKA
We hope to be working on an animated piece soon.

This week I decided to spotlight the Batman Black & White comic coming from DC which is due out on September 4th.
Silvestri has done the cover for Issue#1 and Neal has done a 8 page story. Neal decided to do this in an illustrative pencil style which is always a joy to look at because his pencil work is soooo beautiful and I don’t have to hear the discussion of who would have been a better inker for it. Just Neal’s Beautiful pencils. Some say it is a Zombie story but I am going to tell you IT IS NOT A ZOMBIE STORY.
You will have to check this out to see if I am correct or not. A very interesting twist??????

We handed in a Xmen Anniversary cover to Marvel which they asked for Neal to draw his era of Xmen
and I promise it has a fantastic Havok on it. I can show it as we get closer to its printing.

We are going over color on a very interesting Unity cover that we did for Valiant. We love working with Valiant because they always have interesting projects for us when they call like “CAN YOU MAKE A GOAT TALK FOR US?” Yep that was us.

Neal came back from San Diego comic con and this weekend he is at Fandomfest in Louisville Kentucky. So if you are there,  find Neal’s booth.  He has Superman Vs Muhammad Ali for sale. http://www.nealadamsstore.com/Superman-VS-Muhammad-Facsimilie–Signed-w-sketch-inside_p_930.html

We have put up the new Silver Age of DC Comics by Paul Levitz book in our store which we are selling with a Batman head sketch  http://www.nealadamsstore.com/The-Silver-Age-of-DC-Comics-with-sketch_p_954.html

Next Weekend we are off to the Boston Comic Con and I get to see my sister in law and the boys
which will be great because it will be their first Comic con experience.  I love corrupting the innocent.
even though they are not so innocent anymore.

See you next week if you are in Boston if not check the next week for more updates on Neal and the studio.


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