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I just got in answers this week as to what is going on with Batman Odyssey. DC Comics will be continuing it starting in October. It will start with Issue#7, it will go to Issue#13 and then they will be collecting it into one book. Neal has inked the 13th Issue and color work is getting done.
I predict this will be an exciting ending that everyone will talk about for a long time. October just seems like a long time to wait….. I hate waiting.
On to other news. We just handed in today the last page of New Avengers that we are doing for Marvel. Brian Michael Bendis wrote it and Tom Palmer is inking it as we speak. Once again a great looking book. I can’t wait to see it once it’s inked !!!! I believe this book goes on sale in September.
Nice Fall Line up
On to more News
Blood. Our second chapter of Blood comes out through Dark Horse I believe next week in Dark Horse Presents #2. It will have a Neal Adams Blood cover on it so it will be easy to spot.
More fantastic art by that Neal guy. Boy he’s been busy.
And if that’s not enough. Our next project that we will be starting next week………..
Drum roll please……. A Five part special Wolverine story……..for Marvel. I PROMISE this will be big.
And in the inner sanctum of Continuity I am hearing rumbling of RISE OF MAGIC!
Don’t quote me on that. I believe its a secret.
I will keep you posted with great art and I hear we may also be adding to Kris World.
Stay Tuned

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  1. Thanks alot for confirming this! Yeah the Wolverine was already in talks, interesting to hear it's a 5 issue story where Neal Adams made this bigger longer "Odyssey" story for Batman himself, tho Neal Adams influence on DC can be seen as he inserts Aquaman, Deadman, Ras, Sensei and Man-bat to the saga, glad to hear DC is putting it all in 1 big book, i was worried they wanted to cash-in Adams'name and release it in 2 volumes.

  2. THX for the great news! I have missed your blogg's!!!!:))))))

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