Just got back from Charlotte. What a nifty city and great people. Made a mistake and tho I was charging $5 dollars a signature on Friday, I pushed it up to $10 a signature on Saturday, and some folks got upset. Sorry folks, I was experimenting, and I went about it the wrong way. For now, I think the $5 will be the number. Some guy was heard to say, “Who does he think he is, Leonard Nimoy?” Then I asked what Leonard Nimoy charged.
$60 to $70. Heh. Clearly, I was NOT a Leonard Nimoy.
Still, Leonard doesn’t have stuff to sell,.. Okay, what just jumped into my mind?

Leonard Nimoy selling stuffed Leonard Nimoy dolls. I’m sorry, but it’s a great visual.

Oh, well, so at conventions it’s $5, for now.. unless it’s a kid under 10. Then the signature’s free,.. and I’ll throw in a free sketch. (So,..bring your kid.)

CALGARY,…not this, but next weekend. We’ll be there with bells on.

I just finished pencils on the Avengers book. Brian (Michael) Bendis has posted 4 or 5 pages as a kind of preview. You know where to find him, I trust. I hope you enjoy our efforts,..OH, WAIT,.. you KNOW that Tom Palmer is inking it, right?
Is that cool or what? You ever meet Tom Palmer? BEST kinda people.

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  1. Whoa, Adams / Palmer Avengers, I'm time tripping!

    I remain your BIGGEST FAN!

  2. I will have to challenge you on that. 🙂

  3. I hear you about the prices at HeroesCon, I was wandering what was going on because I got hit by that test, lol. I came by Friday and was $5.00 and then when I came back by your table it was $10.00 and was telling myself "dang, I should have gotten it all done Friday."

  4. Yeah and most of artist's alley at SDCC said that you are a douchebag for charging for a signature. Remember you wouldn't have a job without the fans.

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