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We have added a new book which will be monthly to our graphicly.com account ‘BUCKY O’HARE .. BUCKY O’ HARE … DID I SAY BUCKY O’HARE ? I am excited to say you can pick up Neal Adams “Monsters”… and now “Bucky O”Hare by Larry Hama and Michael Golden. Just click Publisher Neal Adams. We have free materials of Bucky like a full cartoon and game pages as well as our first issue of Bucky for sale at $2.00. A great deal.
We are busy talking to many game developers in hopes of bringing Bucky back for game play. I know I miss my Konami Bucky O’Hare game. How about you?
Next, if you haven’t noticed already, we have been doing a number of varient covers for Marvel
which I show below. We are also doing a one full issue of “New Avengers” with Brian Michael Bendis and Tom Palmer. Very exciting… I have seen a OUT of this world Green Goblin spread that rocks. Sorry I can’t show that yet.. Waw waw. The Return of Norman Osborne……
And then to maybe top that…..Hmmmm. We are going to be at the NY Big Apple Comic Con next weekend May 21 and 22. I’m sure Neal will have copies of his pages from Batman Odyssey as well as the New Avengers so stop by our booth. We are always right to the left of the door as you come in. I know we have prints, books and original art sketches for sale and Neal is always good for great conversation. Hope to see you soon.


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  1. What's going on with the Batman series. When will the next issue be out?

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