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What has happened in Kris’s World this week?

Neal Adams has handed in the final Issue of Pencils for Batman Odyssey #13 this week. It is
complete. (I hear clapping and cheering.) Neal has already started inking this last issue and it rocks.
We have our first e-comicbook, Neal Adams graphic novel “Monsters”. If you are interested in
downloading it at a cost of $4.99 please go to in the publishers section. It is under Neal Adams. It looks fantastic and is a great read. What I love most is that you really can enlarge the pages and see the fabulous art. I will say I like the experience of seeing it on my ipad over seeing it in print (and I love print) but this looks really really great on a computer. A must-see experience.
I also wanted to let you in on our Issue#7 of Batman Odyssey. I did go out and get some guest inkers. I have the fantastic Paul Neary for 5 pages. I have the fantastic Bill Sienkiewicz and I have (1) Michael Golden page from the GoldenOne and I have of course the great Neal Adams inking as well. We also had great coloring done on this book by Ginger Karalexis, Cory Adams and Moose. We just sent in the final coloring on this book today and I think it is the best Issue yet and I am so happy that all these great people worked with me to make this book look great.
There are days that I step back and have to say “Who is luckier than me? I get to work with the most talented people in comics.” I do feel this today, big time!
We will also be going into the vaults of Continuity Comics and will be pulling out some of our favorite comics revampng them a little bit and putting them up in the new Neal Adams section on Continuity Comics goes e-comics.
Stay Tuned to Kris’s Wold
Next week “Blood”

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  1. Welcome back Kris!!!! Missed your blog.Always informative and enjoyable.You guys must be really busy with so much going on all at one time.It must be great being a part of it all!!!!

  2. Great news. Since you just turned in the color art, is that why issues 7+ have been canceled and supposed to be resolicited?

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