Okay here’s the Deal.

For the first time, you can go to the internet, and read my graphic novel, “Monsters, Dracula, Werewolf, Frankenstein”. If you like it, you can get what they call a hardcopy (the book), here through this site, in pristine and beautiful printing.

So we take the money we make, and start to produce an incredibly nifty, and incredibly animated motion comic of the graphic novel.

Then, we take that money, and go make a feature film of the same project. That’s the plan.

More later.


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  1. OK, I'm in, where's the link? Looking forward to it, I've seen some of the artwork in the various Adams' Art books I've collected over the years.

    And, cause I know you're curious, I'm 7 pages into my first ever pro gig.

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