Boston and Batman

What do they have in common?

Well, We’re going to be at the Boston Con April 30 to May 1st, and among other things, at a long “Artist’s Alley type thingie-place. (O-kay, we’ve never been to the Boston Con, so we don’t know quite how it’s set up. …BUT, we’ll be there, with bells on. I’ll be doing drawings of Batman, among others. We’ll have copies of “Batman Odyssey” with us, and, of course, lots of chatting and good times.


Science Eggheads totally welcome. Comic book fans,… more than welcome. I’ll be done with Odyssey, and on to “Wolverine”, and of course “BLOOD” for “Dark Horse Presents”! What a roster Mike Richardson has lined-up. Gotta say, that Dark Horse is a “Comer”.

You’ll be seeing covers galore. I’ll be able to tell you about my work for the Super-Heroes of the National Hockey League,..and the TACO BELL SUPER DELICIOUS INGREDIENT FORCE, (ARE THESE PEOPLE CRAZY-FUNNY OR NOT?)

My son Josh will be there. He’s drawing a 10-page Super-Hero feature. (Josh is the son who’s been designing and ‘boarding’ the new programs for the Sy-Fy Channel, for the last 3 years.) He’s just off a 15-page short story, for a Ray Bradbury Graphic Novel.

Jason (Spyda) Adams will be there with his sculpts and models,..and I think we’ve convinced him to sculpt AT HIS table. His last masterpiece is the ManBat B &W sculpt, for D.C. which pairs perfectly with the B&W Batman.

And, Kris and Marilyn, will make sense of it all.

Did I forget anything? Hmmm. Well, more later.

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  1. Lots of exciting stuff here, Neal! First and foremost, I'll be looking forward to the second half of ODYSSEY, hopefully with all the solicitation problems resolved.

    I have to agree with you about the new DARK HORSE PRESENTS, as well. I absolutely cannot wait for that. It looks like it's going to be total dynamite!

    The Wolverine mini-series sounds good, and when you say we'll "be seeing covers galore", does that mean new Adams covers on other Marvel and DC books? Lord knows, the Big Two could sure use it nowadays, considering how uninspired most of their comics are.

    Kudos on the Super Delicious Ingredient Force commercials and the NHL Superheroes stuff. I've passed the links for the Taco Bell spots on to some of my friends, and they all thought the videos were a total hoot. Of the NHL heroes, my favorite was the New Jersey Devil–even though I live in Toronto and so will be crucified for not picking the Maple Leaf character! When you're in Boston, I hope you don't get any flack from Bruins fans who take issue with the fact that their hero had the power of "super smell" (lol)! If they complain, just blame it on Stan.

  2. Neal! I just watched Secret Origin- the story of DC comics. You were great, " . . . .and me, I was an asshole." I laugh just thinking about it.

    Your NHL characters are a blast, I'm a Canadiens fan, the ammo belts with all the Stanley cups is sheer genius.

    I also want to mention, that the volume of work you produce is staggering and inspiring, when I think I'm too tired to sit at the drawing table, I think about that . . ..

    Good luck in Boston, I'm so close but I can't make it this year . . .if you're EVER in Montreal, I'm good friends with some of the best chefs in the city, would love to bend your ear over a great meal….


  3. Watched the video.Fascinating to see you draw,and you do it with such ease.Looking forward to Odysey 7.How you comeup with these storys is beyond me.Thank you for letting us all into your Imagination.It sure is a interesting place!

  4. Thanks for sharing this with us. I had already watched it in Youtube and it brought back memories of the first time I saw Mr. Adams drawing at his table in San Diego. It was awe-inspriring, amazing… I think it was a Conan sketch He did for a Peruvian friend of mine who was also a comicbook illustrator in Mexico City. That time I was also fortunate eoough to run into Mr. Adams at the San Deigo based VSI The Lab 3d Animation facilities who, unfortunately, decided not to work with Neal. Their loss!

  5. Hi Neal,
    Didn't see another easy way of contact. Forwarded your excellent expanding earth info to Wal Thornhill and David Talbott at thunderboltsdotinfo who are core to the plasma universe concept which I believe is the mechanism that supports your perceptions. Excellent new videos on Mars from them – YouTube. Summary of their work on my web at

    Detail – living on a slumpblock from our last subduction quake, I don't think expanding earth and subduction are incompatible. There's likely much more than just the top ocean crust involved in internal magma flows, and the edge of our continent isn't that thick or heavy.

    Interesting to see how it plays out!!!

    Good work.

    Tom Bender

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