Batman Odyssey #1

Batman Odyssey #1, make sure your retailer is going to have a copy for you..

I posted the cover of Odyssey #1 which is also on Previews this month and I posted the very first spread that appears in the book. This is going to be a very hot book that will fly off the shelves. A lot of excitement and events are building up for the release.
Neal is up to page 20 of Issue #8 in pencils. We have handed in a lot of Neal Adams inked pages this week and Continuity Studios is busy coloring fantastic pages.
We signed Neal up to do a signing at Midtown Comics, in Manhattan, our home town on July 10th. If you check out Midtown comics site you can find out more information on the signing. I sure wouldn’t miss out on getting my copy of Odyssey signed by Neal in the same week the book ships! Check into Kris’s World for more up and coming events.
Superman Vs Muhammad Ali
This book is also planned to be released this summer. DC is working hard on the new color work that Neal is over seeing for this book. This is the first reprinting of the most iconic fight
in comic history.
Neal Adams Art Book
I changed out my top art to show some more spreads that are inside the greatest Neal Adams art book done to date because I feel we really dug deep to pull pieces of art that people have
either never seen or haven’t seen in a very long time. This book will be released at San Diego and it is published by Vanguard.
This is turning into the hottest summer ever. Here is a list of what we have coming out.
Savage 1 and Savage 2 from Continuity Publishing due out in July
Neal Adams Art Book from Vanguard due out this summer.
Superman VS Muhammad Ali due out this summer.
Batman Odyssey #1 due out July 7th. Call your retailer.

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