Best Neal Adams Summer Ever !!!

If you are a true Neal Adams fan, this is the summer for you! We have a fantastic book coming out from Vanguard. I have enclosed below some of the spreads from the book. This book covers more ground than any book on Neal Adams to date. I have seen Ben Casey , early commercial work, a hard to find Vietnam story that rips your heart out. Traditional comic superhero work. Work that he did for Warren. It has a lot of work I have not seen printed for a very long time. Continuity has really opened all the vaults for this book.

We also have “Savage 2” coming out from Continuity this summer. If you are into Savages and
Jungle type men this is the sketchbook for you. It is the second one in a series of Savage books that Continuity has put out. I have a copy right next to me and I see presentation work for a Sinbad show that Neal worked on and great hunky savage types.
“Batman Odyssey’ will be out this summer
We handed in more penciled pages this week. We are 15 pages into Issue#8 . And Neal is inking away on issues one and two. We also started color on Issue#1. I will be showing some color work next week with those nice Neal Adams inks.
I think this is going to be a fantastic Neal Adams summer. I know I can’t wait !

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