This is a very big week for Neal Adams and Continuity.


Neals Batman Odyssey project has been scheduled for July 2010 you can read about it on DC Comics blog. The Superman Vs Muhammad Ali project has also been announced with a June 2010 release. Two fantastic statues will be coming out this year. The Superman Vs Muhammad Ali statue as well as the Man Bat statue. The Man Bat statue, is part of the same series of statues as the Batman statue that came out a while ago. Both the Batman and Man Bat statues are sculpted by Jason (Spyda) Adams and they both are fantastic. Batman was an instant sell out and I’m sure Man Bat will be to. I also know a little secret……..I believe Man Bat is in Neal’s Odyssey project. Joy!

I also have some sneak peaks of the great new coloring of the Superman Vs Muhammad Ali comic done by Moose. The pages are looking great ! Make sure to reserve your copy at your comic retailer. This is the first reprinting of this book and they are doing it at the original size of the first printing, which those books go for $120.00 if you can find one.

I’m sure these will become collectible. A Hot Book!

Update on the Odyssey project for those that have been following. We have turned in the first 3 pages of pencils on Issue #8 And we will be handing over the first cover of the Odyssey project in color on Monday to DC. Not to much further to go…….

Have fun finding Easter Eggs . I know I will.


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