Comic Con 2010 – Part 1

If you missed the San Diego Comic Con this year, you really missed a good convention. Hollywood was there in force, but the comic book people don’t hate them anymore anywhere near as much as they did last year. That doesn’t mean that there isn’t some residual resentment. There is, but there is this feeling now, that Hollywood is part of the mix, and it is not going away, so we might as well deal with it. I think next year, redistribution and better planning will set in, and the mix will rock together. Those folks aren’t going away, and comic book folks sure aren’t going away. The weird thing was, that business wise, that making a buck, was great on Wednesday night and Thursday, dwindled on Friday, was totally crap on Saturday, and it jumped back up on Sunday.

The Hollywood feeding frenzy however has changed it’s tone. They are looking at everything, but they are no-longer making stupid deals and optioning everything in site. Hollywood is starting too get it. Even so, it’s a great time for independents because, as you know, DC and Marvel are pulling in all of their properties to be done in house, and what’s left for the rest of Hollywood is the independents. All this has happened over the last year, and so everything about the tone of the convention was different. For continuity of course, it was great. But of course, we will have to see how it washes out. Everybody at the convention has always treated us at continuity very well. For us it is like a family, but that will lead me to our next blog….

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  1. With comic-book sales falling to all-time low levels and Hollywood creativity CONTINUING at its usual abysmally low level, it's little wonder that comics and Hollywood are forming such a close partnership. The comics community desperately needs the MONEY that Hollywood can give, and Hollywood desperately needs the IDEAS that comics can provide. So it's very likely that this alliance will continue to flourish for some time to come, since it's beneficial to both parties.

    Having said that, I kind of miss the old-time COMIC BOOK conventions and sometimes wonder if the San Diego Con shouldn't just change its name to MOVIE-CON INTERNATIONAL–!

  2. @JoeShmoe

    There are lots of other comic book conventions all over the country, and many are unique for one reason or another, in San Diego, comic bookers are trying to make piece with Hollywood. because it is the one big Hollywood comic-con. It's also an incredibly unique experience. The Hollywood folks are relearning how to be regular and to hang out with real folks and in a way, it is a treat for the comic book folks, even though lots of them bitch and moan. I say, it is what it is, enjoy it for what it is, and if you want to have a real comic book con without Hollywood, get your tustabidula down to the New York con or the Baltimore con or the dragoon con in Atlanta which incidentally, we are going to be at.

  3. You are still a pompous asshole that is in love with the smell of his own farts.

  4. Neal, you should moderate the comments here. :-/

  5. Why? It shows how much he actually cares. He is a hack. He hasn't done anything worth while in almost 30 years. Even then 2 of the series got canceled while he was working on them

  6. Well, his blog isn't the place. You should get your own blog, and post whatever you want to say there.
    Personal attacks posted on someones blog isn't good netiquette, regardless of who it is.

  7. Please. He made it personal with the way he treated me at SDCC. First he charges fans for a signature, then I had to wait 10 minutes while he goes on about how great and relevant he is. He claims to have breathed life back into comics and made them what they are today. He was more focused on listening to people kiss his ass than even look up at the guy forking over $5 to get a book signed. He never even made eye contact. He almost damaged the book by not paying attention and using a paint pen on it. I mentioned this to another artist and he said that Neal is a jerk.

  8. If it IS personal, a public blog is even less the place.

  9. Why not? Everyone should know what he is really like before they get their hopes up at a con.

  10. Your behavior is showing yourself to be the jerk, David, and ignorant. Neal Adams is a great and has truly done so much for the comic book industry and has fought for other comic book creators rights. He pushed the boundaries and revolutionized comics. He even broke Frank Miller into comics. He did breath life into comics and made them what they are today. You should be thankful that he signed your book.

  11. He is still a grade A douchebag.

  12. perhaps neal is as flamboyant as his artwork.

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