Heading to San Diego Comic Con

This is a big exciting week at Continuity. Batman Odyssey is out and doing well. I hear rumor of a lot of re-ordering by the stores so make sure you get your copy before they run out. I know I have my copy stashed away. We had a fantastic and exciting signing at Midtown Comics last weekend that had great people with great conversations as Neal signed away. I must say the people at Midtown comics are the greatest they really made us feel at home and they have a fantastic store. All I saw was lots and lots of happy people discussing the Batman Odyssey while on line waiting for signatures.

So here is my update on what we have handed in to date on Batman Odyssey ….. Neal handed in page 15 of Odyssey episode #10 in pencil. We are handing in the complete coloring of Batman Odyssey #2 this week and it looks fantastic. I am bursting to tell everybody what happens in it.. Neal is inking away on Odyssey #3 and Scott Williams is inking away on Odyssey #4. I must say his pages look great.
Check out the cover for Odyssey #4 on the side. Batman looks really tortured by something that has happened. I also have put up some more penciled pages as a sneak peak of what’s to come. I love the piece with the guy getting his tooth knocked out by Batman.
On to more news.
Everyone at Continuity is leaving this weekend to head down to our LA office and then down to San Diego. All of my brothers are busy with the new sketchbooks they are making to sell at Comic Con. I believe Jason Spyda Adams is giving away all of his trade secrets in his book on sculpting and I believe it has pictures a long the way to illustrate what he is talking about. He will also be selling his sculptures and he always has a great display booth of all his sculptures, come and look and talk to him.
Joel Adams is displaying his “Little Creatures of the Night” He will be selling T-shirts of the “Lilz” and I here he has made some Skateboard decks with the “Lilz”. I have creatures of the Night displayed lower on my page.
Josh Adams has also made a sketchbook of a lot of his best pieces and I must say his Gallery piece in the back of Batman Odyssey is a great piece. Inked by Kevin Nowlan. Josh will be at the convention so you can get Neal and Josh Adams to sign Batman Odyssey at the booth.
Next…..drum roll please…….Yes, Neal Adams will also be at the convention signing away very happily his Batman Odyssey project that he is very happy about. He loves being back on Batman.We will be selling Sketchbooks of Neals, T-shirts of Batman Odyssey, Batman Books, Original Art. I hear he even has a couple of pages for sale of Batman Odyssey #1 up at Heroic Fine Arts that will also be at the convention. I can’t believe Neal is selling his pages from Batman Odyssey #1. Be the first to own one. We will have other pieces of art for sale at our table as well.
I will be showing up at Comic con for Friday and the weekend. I will take photos of who shows up at our booth and on Monday I will add a list of all the panels Neal will be doing.
So see you at Comic con

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