Coming Down the Finish Line !

Hi Everybody,
I  don’t want you to miss out on the climatic ending to the Batman Odyssey series. Issue # 11 or
Vol 2 Issue#5 is already out and on the stands so I figured I would show you whats coming up in Issue #12 or Vol #2 Issue #6 . How confusing is that but stay with me. Don’t miss out. This is the final build up of the fight between Batman and the Sensei and revealing what Ra’s Al Ghul’s ultimate plan is. Something you are not going to expect.
The artwork is the best Iv’e seen. Kevin Nolan on top of Neal Adams sweeeeetttt pencils. What a combination!  If I can find Neals pencils on Monday, when I’m back in the studio I will post them up with the same page inked so you can see two of the best in the World (The Growing World) , my dad is moaning now…. working together to make the best pages I believe we’ve done to date. I love Kevin Nowlan. I must also point out the coloring by Moose and Cory is also fantastic to look at. This Odyssey is really coming together.   Did I say CYCLOPS ! Oh yes….. We have one of those too. I think this series has everything. I wonder what shows up in the last issue….Maybe it will explain who Bruce has been talking to through all the books?  Or maybe Neal Adams is crazy. We’ll have to wait and see.
Monday we will also be posting up all the conventions that Neal will be doing this year.

Stay Tuned

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  1. Arrgh! Don't know why people like Kevin's work (Gil Kane did too). He ruins everything he touches!

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