Happy St Patricks Day

This coming week we have two books coming out. Batman Odyssey #11 Vol 2 # 6 and “Blood” through Dark Horse Presents. Since I spoke about the great inking done by Kevin Nowlan on top of Neal’s pencils in Batman Odyssey. I am going to jump right into “Blood”. This months episode, Lionel is revealed to be something more than just a guy who gets beat up in every installment we do. He is a very important part of Blood’s history and future. We will be doing two more installments of “Blood” through Dark Horse Presents  and then this will be collected into a 80 page graphic novel. I know I Can’t wait. I am a Lionel fan.
When I look at all the art I have posted this week I can’t believe how beautiful and intense the work is.
It really does kick some butt.
Neal is busy working on his secret project with a secret comic book company and we will be sure to announce it when that company announces it ,which will be soon. (Wow ! That was really cryptic.)
We have also posted Neal’s Comic Book convention schedule. So please take a look and see if he’s coming to your town. I know you would not want to miss him. I know they are working on some hot exclusives for some of the shows. As soon as I can get my hands on them I will post them up on the site.
Comic convention season has opened this week with everyone being at Wonder Con. Wagh! I did not get to make that one. But maybe next year?????

Talk to you next week

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