Day 10 – Coming Of The Supermen – Big Barda

Day10_ComingOfTheSupermen_BardaShe is BIG BARDA and “Die for Darkseid” was her motto. She was groomed and raised by Granny Goodness to be leader of the Female Fury Batallion, a female force who lived and died for the ruler of Apokolips…until she met the mysterious adopted son of Darkseid named Scott Free, AKA Mister Miracle. She fell deeply in love and decided she was fighting on the wrong side and joined New Genesis with her husband.

 Now she is a beautiful, but ferocious hellion of battle whose raw power makes the denizens of Apokolips tremble…and woe to the being who threatens or harms her husband for she will fight through the Fire-Pits of Apokolips and battle Darkseid himself to keep him safe.

 February, 2016 is Neal Adams month. A six-issue series entitled “The Coming of the Supermen” starts in FEBRUARY, 2016.


 Make sure to tell your retailer and secure your copy!!

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