I feel like a fly on the wall this week!

This week has been the biggest Bat week at Continuity yet!!! We have completed Issue#1 and it is “IN”! The inking and coloring looks great ! I have posted some of this Great art below. Make sure you click on the pages that say “click on me”. They will open up to be the double page spreads that they are and then, you should find the one that has our guest inker working with Neal. A big friend…… And probably my favorite artist in the whole world …….Worked on the spread with Neal. You tell me who you think it is ?????????

I also have posted all the covers done to date. We handed in Issue #3s cover to Batman Odyssey this week. And it Rocks. You have to look at it closely to see what you are supposed to see. Make sure to check that out. I am hoping that DC might do a poster with this cover. I know I want one for my office.
We also decided to see how Neals art would look on a skateboard deck. Our first samples came in this week and they look Amazing. We are thinking about doing a limited edition. I have
one hanging in my office and everyone stops and says” That looks great”. “I want one” I just need to know from you guys if you think you would be interested in these as a product? I think we will be selling and displaying these at San Diego Comic Con if you guys like them.
Please make sure to check out our store. Jason has some new art up and I know we have been selling a lot of pieces in the last two weeks. Our store is on our home page up near the top.
You can also still pick up the “Neal Adams” Batman Volumes which we have available. I know Jason has some good bundle deals on the site as well.
And last for this week, I need to remind you that Neal will be doing a science lecture in Long Beach California this month June 26th and this convention is free. “Public Science Day”
Buzzing out

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