Big Bat Week !

I thought last week was a big Bat Week. This week I got to see the most fantastic coloring I have seen Continuity do. I am so excited that I had to show some of the Batman Odyssey pages this week. We have completed Odyssey #1 and are moving into inking Odyssey #2 which will be Neal Adams inking and we will be beginning the color on Issue#2 as well.

We handed in 5 more pencil pages to Odyssey Issue 9 this week after finishing off the color on Issue #1.
I hope comic stores are going to have enough copies. This Odyssey Project is going to rock the marketplace. Next week I will be doing a section on some of the pencils and I’m hoping I can videotape Neal inking some of Odyssey #2 that I will put up on Kris World.
I have left up the Neal Adams Skateboard designs hoping I would get some feed back on the designs. I know I want the Barbarian coming out of the swamp one for my office.
I also included two spreads from the “Art of Neal Adams” from Vanguard which is this fantastic art book that has a lot of work that has not been published in a long time as well as some great Movie Posters from the past that Neal has worked on. I will be putting up one of those spreads next week.
Batman Odyssey ships July 7th and I am worried stores may not have enough copies so please make sure your store has enough because I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out on it.

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