What will I get Neal to do next …… ?

We have had a lot going on at Continuity these days , it feels like we have a lot of comic plates spinning so lets review.

Batman Odyssey #1 Has been handed in complete to DC. The coloring is fantastic. The book has a different look than what I see across the stands of the comic stores. I find it new and challenging and refreshing. A new kid on the block ! We also handed in the 20th penciled page of Book #9 in the series and we are cruising through the inking on book#2. I have posted to the right, our Cover on Issue#2 of Odyssey as well as one of the inked interior pages.
The ” Art of Neal Adams ” coming out from Vanguard, is a fantastic art book which covers Neal’s early early commercial work, through the superheroes that we love at DC and Marvel. Painted pieces of Movie poster art. My banner at the top is one of the pages from this book . I believe it is a cover from a Kung Fu magazine. Make sure to reserve your copy at your nearest comic store.
Wolverine- We are getting very close to starting the work on this exciting project. Neal says we will be starting plots this coming week. “Neal Adams doing a Wolverine series, that’s exciting to me and I feel I have seen it all.” I will keep you posted.
Continuity Comics….. Yes, we have had many discussions at Continuity about refurbishing some of the titles from Continuity Comics. I felt like posting them under my blog. A “Megalith” piece that we never published. “Samuree”, still one of the sexist fighters in comics. “Knighthawk”,
a hybrid with wings thats tougher than Batman and does carry guns. LOL…. And then I felt like putting up one of Neal’s Barbarians. So where am I going with all of this?
What will I get Neal to do next?????
Stay Tuned,

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  1. Barbarians! Definitely Barbarians. Savage Barbarians. Savage Barbarians Get No Love!

  2. Easy Answer to this question–
    Green Lantern/Green Arrow!

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