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This is my first BLOG. I’ll try not to be too wordy, but there’s a lot to talk about. I’ll do bits and pieces.

1. The “OIL SPILL”.
(Oh, horrors. Not comics,…Sorry, it’s on my mind, for a good reason.)

Oil and water don’t mix. That’s the first thing to remember. So the spill can and will get cleaned up. Unfortunately for LIFE, things are not so good. That stuff that makes your head greasy will mix with oil. That stuff that stops ducks from sinking is OIL. So, we’ll lose a lot of life. Not you,…the duck.

Another fellow and I, are working on a system to help Shrimp Fishermen make back their losses. Some shrimp/other nets are a fine mesh. Drag them through oil pods, and the mesh will let oil and water through, but properly treated, the mesh will clog with oil as the water goes through. When enough oil is collected a second and third boat can siphon off the oil, and sell it back to BP.

Why will they buy it all corrupted like that?

They are responsible.

It’s time, in my opinion, that everyone takes responsibility for our environment. What that means is NOT sit back in frustration thinking, “What can I do? I’m just one, frustrated and helpless individual”.
Write a letter to BP. Maybe they won’t READ it. Maybe they’ll just weigh it, but maybe that’s enough! BE the straw that broke the camel’s back. Become informed. It will put a smile on your heart and BRAIN!

O-KAY! Comics. So Batman gets thrown off the T-REX! No, that was last issue.

Let’s see,….I just finished the preliminary Martial Arts battle between Batman and ………. And witnesses ‘think’ The Batman has won. Only two people know the truth.

Something else that’s NOT KNOWN is that Robin has entered the underworld, against Batman’s direct orders. (Who will pull the safety line now, if it’s needed?) This is not looking good.

Batman’s resolve to never use guns, and never to kill, has been tested and tested, again and again. THIS however, could be bloody and mortal war. Will Batman just walk away? What then of Talia? And Tat? Who? O-kay, it IS 12 issues, and covers a lot. Next blog, I’ll focus on the specific-next-to-be-published book.

MOTION COMICS. Will they ever make money?


Heh, heh,.. of course they will. COME ON! Take for example, Our/MARVELS X-Men. Joss Whedon’s and John Cassaday’s, “Gifted”. As time goes on, Marvel finds more and more venues for it. First it was the internet in it’s various and sundry. Now, the Video is being packaged with the Graphic Novel. (Which would YOU buy, the Graphic Novel, or the Graphic Novel with the Motion Comic?)

Another company is selling the Graphic Novel as a DVD, with other add-ons. (Vid interview with Joe Quesada and ‘Yours Truly’.)

What’s next?

iPod? Smart Phone? iPad? Laptop? Sure, all of them. Next? Cable sale? Sure. Many cable sales. T.V. special on cartoon network or others? Sure. Disney Channel? Of course.

Isn’t a Motion Comic the same as/ but different than, an animated film, if done well?

Like anything NEW, it has to be chewed and chewed-over until it WORKS. And as with anything, it BEGINS WITH QUALITY! There’s a lot of crappy motion comic “STUFF” out there, but like FILM, we just have to focus on QUALITY. Just like FILM. Poor quality HURTS US. Good quality HELPS us. OR,…Good quality makes money! Duh.

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  1. Always been a huge fan. I'd love to see what's coming next.

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