Neal Adams Virtual Comic Con

Neal Adams Virtual Comic Con
Joel AdamsSo here it is.. I (Joel) am home for the holidays and sitting around the house with my dad, Neal Adams, who is working on finishing his “Coming of the Supermen” Miniseries for DC Comics (
#ThisIsYourSuperman), but he has run out of Conventions to go to until January’s Albuquerque Comic Con. I am sorting through the boxes of blank variant comics I have accumulated over the last year.. Tons of them.. My intention was to eventually draw on them myself, but they gave me an idea.  I can’t get Neal to a convention that isn’t there.. but maybe I can get Neal’s fans to Neal at a convention that isn’t really there…

Now I’ve have just confused myself…

My idea: I am with Neal for the next two weeks working along side him.. Through the website and Facebook/Twitter, I can field questions and comments to Neal and get responses from him. I can take orders for commissions and maybe offer some things you can only get at Neal’s booth at conventions.  There is even a possibility that if fans want something ordered, if they came in early enough, we can make a Christmas delivery… Though I can’t promise anything the way FedEx and the USPS is running this season.

For starters, Commissions!

I cannot post prices here, but what I can do is if you tell me what it is you are looking for.. I can ask Neal.. “Hey you… How much for this?”, and get back to you with Neal’s best price.. One might even ask “Well, what can I get for…”, and I can get back with an answer.. I would ask that for commission requests and purchases, contact me via email  and I will get back to you as fast as I can. For Comments and Questions, please use the comments area below, I will comment back from Neal.

What can Neal do for you? Just about anything.. Sketch covers, commissions, a print with a remarque, a cover recreation, a painting…  paint a mural on the side of your building… okay… maybe not that… but I am sure he would give you a number for that.

Now you ask.. “How do I get a sketch cover to you?”,” I am looking for something specific like a Deadpool?”, or “Hey, can I my face, or my kids face on a Superman or Wolverine?” .. Remember what I said I have a lot of blanks.. Well.. I have A LOT of blanks..

BlanksBatman Detective #20
Batman Detective #44
Batman ’66
Batman/Superman #1
Batman Zero Year #29
Batgirl #38
Dark Knight 3 Book #1
Green Lantern 13 Rise of the 3rd Army
Harley Quinn #0
Harley Quinn #1
Harley Quinn Valentines Day Special #1
Justice Leage of America #11
Justice League #16
Justice League United #0
Justice League of America #7 Trinity War
Superman Action Comics  #18
Superman Unchained #6″
Superman #32
Swamp Thing #14
Teen Titans #8
Wonder Woman #19
Uncanny Avengers #001
The Uncanny Avengers #001 (2015)
A-Force #1
Avengers #7
Avengers Assemble
Avengers #1
Avengers World #1
Deadpool #1
Deadpool #1 (2015)
Electra #001
Fearless Defenders #1
FF #1
Guardians of the Galaxy #1
Hulk #50
Incredible Hulk #1
Incredible Hulks #635
Indestructible Hulk #001
New Avengers #1
The Marvel Project #1
Rocket Racoon #001
Secret Invasion
Secret Wars #1
Savage Wolverine #6
Savage Wolverine #14
Star Wars Darth Vader #001
Star Wars Shattered Empire #001
Star Wars Lando #001
Star Wars Princess Leia #001
Spider-Gwen #1 Blue logo
Amazing Spiderman #1
Superior Spiderman 027 Goblin Nations #1
Thors #001
The Mighty Thor #1
Thor God of Thunder #001
All New Wolverine #1
Wolverine & the X-men #1
The Ultimates #1
Uncanny X-Men #001
Extraordinary X-men #1
X-Men ’92 #001
Vampirella #1
Kiss #1
Walking Dead #115
Danger Girl – Renegade
GI Joe – Cobra World Order
Assasins Creed #1
My Little Pony #1
Doctor Who #01
Six Million Dollar Man #1
James Bond 007 – #1

…….. Whew!

Anyway. So Neal can draw on these… or paper. Paper works too. Below the terms we use for what you can ask for as far as how much of a figure… Understand, the more figure, the higher the price.


Same terms for images on a sheet of paper.

Next, I am going to find out what prints and book Neal travels with to shows that I can offer with Signatures or Remarques.

More to come. Let the show begin

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  1. Clifford Meth // December 29, 2015 at 4:22 am // Reply

    Everything I know about helping people I learned from Neal Adams.

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