On “Childhood’s End” Episode 1

ChildhoodsEnd_SyFy_KarellenfeatureOkay, it’s not for me to say. Right up to the end of Childhood’s End last night, which, (if you’ve read the book, it’s a very tragic story for the human race, but still brilliant in its way) everything tracked like the book. But I must say the make up for Karellen was a disappointment for me. Long ago, I had worked on creating a Karellen that was humanoid, but was also an clearly an alien. I think my design was a success in many ways. And I’m afraid I had that image tattooed in my brain so that when I saw Karellen step into the light. With that Ebernezer Scrooge-like face on him, and the big down-tipped nose, I was, indeed, disappointed. From a design point of view, that was really a very odd solution to a problem. But you know what, different strokes for different folks. I will watch the end of the show along with the rest of you. I will put that face out of my mind as much as possible. And, I was about to say enjoy the story, but as those of you who have read it as I have, the word is not exactly, “enjoy.” “Experience” is probably the word. I will experience it along with you. It’s a very tough story. But brilliant from Arthur C. Clarke and worth your time and attention. Please experience it along with me.

– Neal



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