Blood is coming


This week I decided I would start showing our latest creation “Blood”. This series will be coming from Dark Horse in the famous “Dark Horse Presents” format. Neal will be running 8
pages of Blood for each issue. Since it is only 8 pages I don’t really want to show a lot of it right now. Dark Horse Presents is on sale April 20th and I don’t want any one to miss it so make sure your store has it on order for you. I know the first issue has a Frank Miller Interview as well. Sounds like a fantastic first Issue.
I also want to remind everybody that we have posted Neal Adams “Monster” book on under Neal Adams. We just sent out the first Issue of Bucky O’Hare and we are pulling out other great titles that we own. Digital comics rock. They are cheap and they look great, the color of the art just comes right off the page. If you ask me this is what my dad’s art looks like before it goes to print and becomes muddy. Neal Adams art is meant for digital comics. We will be doing more of these soon.
I also believe that Batman Odyssey is waiting to ship out. I know DC put in for new solicitiations. Please keep a look out. I have posted the cover so you can lock it in so you don’t miss it.
I also want to remind you that we will be at the Boston Comic Con which is also coming up very fast, it is the weekend of April 29- May 1st.
Can’t wait to see everybody

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