Joe Kubert, Moebius and myself on French TV 1972

You have got to see this set of videos! Last century (heh heh) all the comic book artists from all over Europe came to the US, in a kind of International Comic Con, sponsored, on our end, by the Cartoonist’s society. (Cause we comic artists had no money.)

The French take their comic books very seriously. They even have TV shows that feature comic books.

They brought their host and crew to New York and interviewed myself, Joe Kubert, and Jean Giraud (Moebius) all together.

Video September 1972

Video October 1972

Thing is, they had this giant pad of paper for all of us to draw on.

Up until now, these two videos have only been seen in Europe, but here it is for you to see.

Yes, I know my hair is silly. And the sideburns… well… it was the style then. 1972. God I looked stupid.

Anyway, for your perusal.

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  1. Don't worry, Neal. Chicks dig sideburns. And don't you wish comics still sold as well as they did in 1972? No matter what anyone might think of the hairstyles or the clothes or whatever, those were still way better days. And anybody who says differently is probably wrong about a lot of other things, too.

  2. Awesome to watch. It's like watching forces of nature at work. Also an inspiration for anyone with artistic aspirations themselves.

  3. A nice slice of comic book history right there, 3 heavy weights! Neal, when are you going to do a 'Learn to Draw Like Neal Adams' book? I know, I know, you're a story teller first, who just happens to draw well, but THAT book would be an incredible inspiration.

    Thanks for sharing.

  4. I agree, although I believe a series of cd,s should accompany the book.Seeing you do it step by step would make it much easier to follow.I am sure many young artiest's would love to see you in action . I do believe you would make a great teacher,you have so much to share.Although I don't know where you would find the time.

  5. Wow, that was cool! Thanks for posting those, Neal. I love the chicken!

  6. Totally excellent !!!
    Hahaha the comic artists community is real fun, the episode where Kubert grants you an enormous tap in the back killed me ! ^^
    The commentary's quite good too… Real excellent to glimpse.

  7. Hello Neal,
    Are you still looking for information on Colin Allen, the creator and cartoonist of 'What A Family'?
    Lillian Allen

  8. This was great, I love watching artists draw.

  9. That was pretty cool, thanks for posting.

  10. Aw, Mr. Adams, you know you looked great. Shaddap. Who's kiddin' who.

    Thanks so much for posting these videos. Loved 'em. A real gift to the Internet, sir!

    It was like watching magic smoke appear and then resolve into something made by actual human beings. And knowing all that, made it no less magic somehow.

    In all my years I've never gone to comic cons "to see the artists" but now I can see why people do.

  11. That last strings controlling devil's hand, that was genius touch. Three of the best artists ever!

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