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Science Videos -

Science Videos

Below are all of the Growing Earth – Growing Universe Videos. These Videos present the high quality graphic geology of A Growing Earth in easy to understand, incredible to watch parts of this series.

As for the Physics… Here is a paper ofn the physics behind The Growing Earth – Growing Universe Theory now available as a .pdf via paypal $5.00 USD paypal

The videos below were originally available as part of the “members” site but are now available for download so you can view them on your computers, video mp3 players, and Ipads. All videos are presented in a high 427×320 resolution and in an .mp4 format. Easily playable on any quicktime or Itunes players. The movies range from 8 minutes to 2 minutes each.


Chapter 01 – Prologue In this video, Neal describes in brief his ideas of a growing Earth and the beginning of the thinking. 00:08:00

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Chapter 02 – How it doesn’t work In this video, Neal explains how and why this is superior to the Pangaea Theory. 00:08:48

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Chapter 03 – The Great lakes are evidence of the Growing Earth. 00:01:21

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Chapter 04 – Meteorites In this video, Neal explains that there is outer and inner accretion of individual atoms into the core of meteorites where they push outward.00:05:49

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Chapter 05 – Moons In this video, Neal explains how a galaxy feeds it’s own system from the pair production of the black hole core at the core.

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Chapter 06 – Miranda In this video, Neal explains iron silicate aggressive growth 00:04:29

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Chapter 07 – Geode / Moon In this video, Neal explains that a geode is a perfect anthology to a growing Earth. 00:02:12

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Chapter 08 – The Moon This will blow your mind. Growth on the moon is clear and obvious. 00:03:58

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Chapter 09 – Mountain Creation In this video, Neal explains that as the Earth grows it’s thickening crust, it’s crust re-curves to a flatter plane driving crust upward.00:04:38

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Chapter 10 – Mars 1 RE-EDIT In this video, Neal explains that Mars is exactly the same as Earth, in that it is growing. 00:03:02

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Chapter 11 – 11:Mars 2 RE-EDIT In this video, Neal explains how, like Earth, the crust of Mars cracks (rifts) and stretches apart. 00:08:12

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Chapter 12 – Dinosaur Extinction In this video, Neal explains with the help of cartoons and facts. 00:02:08

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Chapter 13 – Europa is growing as is plainly evident by the textures on it’s surface. 00:02:18



Chapter 14 – The Great Lakes In this video, Neal explains how familiar places can be massive clues to a revolution in science. 00:02:38

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Chapter 15 – The Mediterranean In this video, Neal explains how the Aegean Sea rifted and spread apart. 00:03:45

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Chapter 17 – Interruption In this video, Neal explains how all of the facts we know can be assembled into a logical big picture.00:04:39

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Chapter 18 – Begin & The End In this video, Neal explains that the growth of the Earth is so clear and obvious you can count it off. 00:04:40

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Chapter 19 – Evolving Planet Neal explains this fabulous map, and how it shows how the crust stretched out with the rifting and spreading so that examining it with normal intelligence the process can be seen clearly. 00:04:35

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Chapter 20 – Salt Domes & Stuff In this video, Neal explains how with new concepts old theories fail and lead to new discoveries. 00:05:12

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Chapter 21 – The End In this video, Neal explains the physics of matter creation from prime matter upon atoms.00:05:47

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