Baltimore, Montreal, and Mid-Ohio


Best way to get commissions is to order them before a convention, and pick them up at the convention. They get that little extra time and attention to make them just that much better.

Doesn’t that make sense?

We’re going to be at the Baltimore Comic Con next weekend, The Montreal Comic Con the following weekend, and at the Wizard World Mid Ohio Convention the weekend after that.

Contact Jason, at

Don’t wait til the last minute.


2 Comments on Baltimore, Montreal, and Mid-Ohio

  1. Hello Neal et al.!!

    Looking forward to saying hello in Montreal, good buddy of mine owns one of the best restaurants in the city, would be my pleasure to take you to dinner (and his, of course he's a fan!), you look like a man who appreciates a gourmet meal and a great glass of wine (or two).

    What do you think? Let me know, seriously, you have been so generous with your time, helping me understand what it takes to be a better illustrator / storyteller, it would be my pleasure. I swear I won't bring my book.

    See you then,


  2. yes, me again. Just thought I'd try to jog your memory, we spoke at length at the Ottawa con earlier this year, for an hour and a half, I had my two very patient daughters with me……

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