Kris and Kort’s World Week 4

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This week, starting Monday, the 14th, on, you will find artwork by Neal Adams and Scott Kurtz. Why, you might ask? Well, it all started four years ago with a promise he made to his then sixteen-year-old granddaughter. I’ll let Kortney tell the story.

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So, I was 16 and I had just started really getting into Player Vs. Player, by Scott Kurtz. This was kind of an anomaly because I was never really that intrigued by comics, ironic, I know. While Scott was printing full-length comics of his strips, he had Frank Cho design one of his covers. This is when I came up with the idea that my grandfather would design one, as well, for free. In my mind it was an honor that Scott would allow him to do a cover, because at that point my grandpa was my grandpa and not one of the most revolutionary artists in comic history. So one day I sauntered into the conference room, and banged my chair against his desk while he drew, like I usually do, and asked if he would do the cover for me. I made sure to layer on how happy this would make me, and gave my cutest granddaughter face. Neal, not knowing who Kurtz was, brushed it off and said sure, and I never brought it up again. For the next few years my uncle, Jason Adams, would always buy me something from Scott’s table. My name is spelled strangely, and after a few years he eventually asked who is this girl? Then, this year, when we all traveled down to the Baltimore Comic-con, for the Harvey Awards, I met him. My grandfather was receiving a humanitarian award for his work on the Dina Babbitt Motion Comic, and it just so happened Kurtz was the MC for the night. After the show, like the fan girl I am, I shakily told him that I was a huge fan. He eventually figured out I was that Kortney-girl he was always signing stuff for, and in turn I told him the story of my grandfather agreeing to draw a cover for him. Kurtz decided to mess with Neal by asking,” How could you break your granddaughters heart like that?” Sure enough, my grandfather told him to give my mom, Kris, his information, and a month later I was finding PVP reference for him. Now my childhood dream has been fulfilled, and my grandpa is drawing evil cats in Christmas trees. This will definitely be the best Christmas gift yet.

-Kortney H.

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Astonishing X-Men 4 is out!! Another exciting episode is out on iTunes, so be sure to check it out. The greatest motion comic, EVER!!!! We also handed in issue 6, the final episode, and the pictures and tracks look and sound great. Probably the best episode to date.

In Batman news, we handed in another 5 pages this week for a grand total of, 115 pages. Woot Woot! Also, Scott Williams started inking. I’ll be showing some of the coolest pages from the project next week. So stay tuned.

Signing out,

Kris and Kort

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  1. Is there a way to print out your recipes? Or can we look forward to a Issue of recipes with art soon?

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