Day 17 – Coming Of The Supermen – Kal-El of Earth

Day 17 - Coming of the Supermen - Kal El of Earth

The next couple of weeks are going to be when your retailer puts in his order for “The Coming of The Supermen” Please make sure that your retailer knows you are interested in getting a copy. With so much coming out it is easy just to put in an order and then run out. Lets make Superman Great!

Day 17 - Coming of the Supermen - Kal El of Earth

Clark Kent is thankful for the good things in his life.

Even after fighting to save the world, Clark never forgets what he’s really fighting for…the people that make the world special and important. Doesn’t matter their age or color or religion. That’s part of this very special Superman story….showing the tolerance our world has for that mysterious and “strange visitor from another planet”. Earth took Kal-El into its heart and he, in turn, makes sure that humanity has the freedom to reach for greatness. BUT…what is the secret about Superman that not even Kal-El knows and Lex Luthor is on the verge of discovering?! Could it destroy everything we believe is true? Find out in February!

February, 2016 is Neal Adams month. A six-issue series entitled “The Coming of the Supermen” starts in FEBRUARY, 2016.


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