Day 13 – Coming of the Supermen – War

Day13_COTS_WarThe Last Son of Krypton…SUPERMAN…doin’ WORK!

 Confronted by the entirety of Apokolips’ Shock Troops, the raw, unbridled furious anger of Darkseid himself and even the brilliance of Lex Luthor, The Man of Steel fights to save his adopted planet from absolute destruction! Kal-El is caught between the Kryptonian power of the New Supermen and the god-like power of Jack Kirby’s New Gods…and to save Earth, it’s going to take not only super-strength but a whole bunch of new tricks! And this isn’t even close to the most amazing twist yet…

February, 2016 is Neal Adams month. A six-issue series entitled “The Coming of the Supermen” starts in FEBRUARY, 2016.


Make sure to tell your retailer and secure your copy!!

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